About Us

African Organic Noni was founded in Ghana in 2010 and expanded to South Africa in 2020. At present, African Organic Noni has setup several Sales Outlets and Distribution Network Services across the African Continent, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

We engage solely in the professional production of several specialized skin care products made from Noni Fruits, Noni Plants, Seeds, and Noni Juice. The company is desirous in developing more quality-organic and authentic skin products with much emphasis on “Healthy Skin”.

Our Vision

Organically And Naturally Yours
A world where clients enjoy the best out of the best with keen emphasis in promoting Healthy Skin regardless of Skin Type, Texture, or Race.

Our mission is to produce highly natural and refreshing varieties of noni products available to anyone at anywhere and prompt time delivery.

Our Store

We opened our first store in 2020 in Midrand, South Africa. Here, we started offering bulk products, and we could welcome our customers in person for the first time.

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